Duffy League Football ⚽️

Tonight our Year 5/6 footballers were back in action for their final matches in the Duffy League and what a night it has been! Everyone played brilliantly, winning all three matches played. We are currently awaiting the results of where we finished overall in the league. Well done to everyone who has played in the Duffy League matches since October, it has been a real team effort.


Year 4 Skipping

Today Year 4 went to St Cuthbert’s High School to take part in a skipping competition against other catholic primary schools. They have been working extremely hard on their skipping skills since October and everyone was fantastic today. They won bronze in the team event of keep the pot boiling, gold in individual cross over girls, bronze in individual double bounce girls, gold in individual side swing girls, bronze in individual in pretzel girls and gold in individual side swing boys. 🏅 Well done to all!