Y5/6 Girls’ football team

This is our first year having a girls’ football team and the girls did not let me, Miss Davidson or the school down. They had an amazing attitude and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We did everything but score and came so close! As a school we are extremely proud of them and can’t wait to get started in the Girls’ West league.

Y5/6 Boys’ football team

The year 5 /6 team has already competed in the ESFA cup where finished second in their group. They played extremely well for their first time playing together.

We have also played our first 3 league games in the DUFFY league. The games were very competitive and close.

Both me and Miss Davidson are proud of how they played so far.

Reaction Time

This week’s PE challenge (final one before we break up) is all about your reactions and side step. We would love to see even more people taking part from home!

Practise – Monday and Wednesday (practising all challenges)

Compete – Friday deadline 12pm (first challenge only,  person calls out one object only)

Competition rules:

1 minute timer.

1 point gained when you touch the object with both feet and return to the centre spot.

Have a centre starting point could be a cone or a spot.

Place three objects one metre from the centre spot.

Both feet must touch or be in line with the objects.

KS2 – must be side step only as shown in the video even for the object directly behind

KS1 – encourage using side step technique but can move anyway they want to the object

Throw, clap and catch – results

Once again, another fantastic week with more competitors than ever, including a big shout out to John and Cian who participated in this challenge at home. Well done!

Starting off with the main KS1 bubble, Maria set an impressive score with 37 with Alfie challenging himself to include the clapping and got an equally impressive 36. Billy D just edged it in the battle of the brother and sister by beating Matilda by 2. Some fantastic scores set by our friends in reception especially Millie and Zach. Keep it up Bubble 3!

Izzie extends her reign over bubble 1, averaging 1 throw and clap a second with a score of 61. Amelia and Orobosa continue to battle it out for seconds place with Amelia beating Orobosa by only 2 points. Evie edges out her sister by 4 to claim the bragging rights this week.  Ella saw her score steadily improve from throughout the week – well done. Bella set a throw and catch score with 44 and beat Thomas in KS1. Romeo (KS1) really challenged himself this week and backed his ability to throw, clap and catch a tennis ball and managed to get a tremendous score of 40. Well done bubble 1.

Aleena might have been suffering from the effects of her birthday weekend as Jasmin took the crown in their bubble this week. Zain and James fiercely battled it out with Zain beating James by a mere 2. Some great scores set by our friends in reception, Isla set an unbeatable score of 18, well done to Myles and Harrison who only arrived today and competed without any practise!

The competition was intense between the year 6 pupils. Scores were kept quiet. Children discussed and trailed different techniques. Thursday saw the top spot claimed and reclaimed multiple times. Solid scores set by Sophie, Daniel and Alexa. Cracking scores by Ethan and Leo who managed to get into the mid-high seventies. The top spot was taken by Cameron who set a phenomenal score of 84 which beat Frankie’s impressive 81.


This week brought even more competitors amongst the staff. Despite her best efforts Miss Davidson brought up the rear. Some good scores set by those who scored in the fifties. Mrs Holiday and Mrs Young were the dark horses in such an intense week. Mrs Oakes was favourite to hit the top score early on but couldn’t handle the pressure and dropped the ball twice! Taking the bronze medal was Miss McGregor with a solid 76. The fight for the top was between the undefeated staff champion and Miss Kerr. Miss Kerr’s fierce determination saw her tie with Mr McMaster who both share the crown for this week.

Throw and Clap

This week’s challenge is inspired by the youth sport trust throw and catch activity.

See the card below.

Practise – Monday and Wednesday

Compete – Friday deadline 12pm


KS2 – tennis ball or socks

KS1 – DO NOT NEED TO CLAP. Beanbag or socks

Must throw below shoulder height.

Ball must go above head.

Throw and catch


One Leg balance – results

“That was a lot harder than it looks.” this was probably the most used phrase around our school this week. The one leg balance proved to be a tough physical and mental challenge but produced some fantastic results.

In the main KS1 bubble (bubble 3), It was a battle between brother and sister for top spot but Matilda, with her dancing experience helping her, cruised to the top spot with an impressive 3 minutes 45 seconds. Some fantastic results in there for KS1 – I am truly impressed, well done!

Bubble 1 (mixture of KS1 and KS2) saw a clear and outright winner. Izzie claims the title for the second week in a row. Can she make it three in next weeks challenge? Come on bubble 1!

Aleena and Jasmin resumed their fierce battle for top spot. Jasmin couldn’t out balance Aleena who posted an impressive 3 minutes and 6 seconds to clinch it this week. Well done to the rest of bubble 4 with their scores and a big shoutout to Ibrahim for his amazing time!

The KS2 school champion this week was Cameron with an unbelievable 7 minutes. The KS1 school champion was Matilda – Well done!


A big improvement in the number of staff who participated this week. Miss Ellis set an impressive early score yet Miss McGregor replied with an even better time. Miss Kerr set what looked like an unbeatable 5 minutes 19 seconds. Mrs Oakes looked dead set to beat it however fell short by 6 seconds. The big story this week amongst the saff was how the 2x school champion and undefeated staff champion, Mr McMaster, had to pull out in the practises due to a knee injury. Yet as all champions do, they dig deep, find strength and determination from within and refuse to be beaten. Mr McMaster set the winning score between the staff with 5 minutes and 30 seconds and was quoted to say “I stopped early as I knew I had beaten Miss Kerr and I still had plenty more left in the tank.”

Well done to everyone invovled!

Check the blog on Monday for next week’s challenge.





One Leg Static Balance

This week, we have decided to focus on balance. Each bubble will compete amongst themselves and see how long the can perform the balance shown below.

Static Balance - Ashley Johnston AEP - Vision Exercise Physiology

We will practise Monday / Wednesday (or anytime you want) and compete on Friday.

Staff will time how long the pupils can hold the balance with the knee in line with the hip and the time will be stopped if the person wobbles and loses control. When competitng arms must be down by the side of the body.

Teaching points: Stand tall. Focus on a point at eye level. Abs tucked in. Arms out to the side. Tongue to the top of the mouth has been known to help some. 

Challenge one: Normal static balance

Challenge two: Static balance with eyes closed

Good luck to everyone!

You can join in by sending pictures or videos and your results to the school email, admin@stcuthbertsw.newcastle.sch.uk by Friday morning.