October WOW Badges

Well done to the 67 pupils in school who have been awarded an October WOW badge. Remember to be awarded a badge you need to record an active trip to school three or more times a week. An active trip could be walking, parking and striding, scooting, cycling or getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way.



Year 5/6 Football – Duffy League

What a fantastic night! Our school football team played their first matches as part of the Duffy League this evening. The team played fantastically in all five of their matches, winning one and drawing two.

A big well done to all players! Keep up the great work.

Year 4 Cycling

Year 4 have had a fab morning cycling with the Bikeability team. They have been learning to pedal, signal and brake stop. They have even found out how much distance they should leave between themselves and another rider to ensure everyone is safe.